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Great Grey Owl Oulu, Finland

Bird & Wildlife Tours

Birdwatching tours with Finnature

See which tour operators come to Finland with Finnature

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Birdwatching excursions in Finland

Guided one-day birdwatching excursions in the birding hotspots of Finland

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Self-drive tours

Explore Finland's birds, wildlife and landscapes independently by car

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See the highlights of northern wildlife

Finland is a wonderful destination for birdwatching and wildlife watching. For over 25 years Finnature team has arranged excellent tours to see the highlights of northern wildlife. We offer iconic birdwatching and wildlife watching tours in Europe’s northernmost parts where large areas of untouched wilderness still exist.

Lifetime memories with Finnature

Birdlife of Finland features a great number of northern and eastern bird species rarely encountered elsewhere in Europe. Actually, Finland’s Taiga forests are essentially the western extension of Siberia. Finland is home to many northern Owls, Woodpeckers and Grouse, not to mention the diversity of eastern birds difficult to find elsewhere. For example, Red-Flanked Bluetail and Little Bunting thrive in Finland. Finnature’s birdwatching holidays range from one-day trips to week-or-two birding tours with tour operators that all pursue to achieve the desired list of species.

In forests and mires roam also the largest and special carnivores of Europe – Brown Bears, Wolverines and Wolves. Finland’s specialties include also the endemic Saimaa Ringed Seal and the secretive Siberian Flying Squirrel. We at Finnature organize wildlife tour packages to carefully selected wildlife watching sites in Finland. Lifetime memories are created with the help of Finnature’s skilled guides.


Join our guided tour

Finnature offers personalized tours to the best birdwatching and wildlife watching sites that northern Europe has to offer. Our tours suit every taste – join our guided birdwatching and wildlife watching tours in the Finnish wilds and enjoy a rewarding nature experience.

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Discover the tour of your dreams - Finnature's famous bird and wildlife tours await

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Finland is a dream destination for a birder - enjoy the iconic northern birds with Finnature

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Wildlife Watching

Experience the best wildlife watching of Europe with Finnature - Wolverines, Brown Bears and much more

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Self-Drive Tours

Easy way to combine birdwatching and wildlife watching in Finland - explore Finland independently by car

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Private Bird & Wildlife Tours

Finnature team is happy to arrange private and tailored bird and wildlife tours in Finland

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For Tour Operators

Finnature provides all land arrangements for tour operators - take advantage of our knowledge on bird and wildlife sites

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