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Ruff Liminka


Photograph the delightful Ruff from our hides

The peculiar Ruff lek takes place on the coastal meadows of Liminka Bay near Oulu in May. During the hectic season, the males show their decorative collars, make sudden jumps and then freeze to a pose again. All Ruff males are different – their colors are variable and there are no two alike!

Book our Ruff hide

Our Ruff hides are mostly reserved for group use but we also reserve some slots for individual travelers. The Ruff season is short – book your spot in time!

190 € / single hide / evening or morning hide session

340 € / single hide / two hide sessions: evening + morning

340 € / two person hide / evening or morning hide session (170 € / person)

600 € / two person hide / two hide sessions: evening + morning (300 € / person)

Book our Ruff hide from our office via email at info(@)finnature.fi or via phone at +358 45 129 4264. Full payment of the hide is required at the time of booking. Remember also our new 10 ticket hide package!

It is easy to enter our Ruff hides on your own with our video instructions. We will also provide information and photography tips for Ruff hides after booking. If you want guidance at hide, we charge 75 € guidance fee / booking. Two person hides are available for photographers traveling together. Prices do not include transportation.

Hide sessions take place either early in the morning or in the evening. Both sessions have their own advantages – mornings are the most active time for spectacular Ruff lek and in the evenings sweet backlight is just beautiful for photography.

Morning session starts half an hour before sunrise. We recommend to stay in the hide at least until 8.00 but it is allowed to stay until noon. Evening session starts at 17.00. We recommend to stay in the hide until sunset – it is allowed to stay until midnight (unless you have reserved a morning session as well when you can stay in the hide overnight).

We recommend to combine this hide to our nearby Eagle Owl hides! Have a look at images of the hides and taken from these hides at our Flickr gallery for Ruff hides.

Hectic spring season

Ruffs arrive in numbers from their migration to the coastal meadows of Liminka Bay, south of Oulu, in the beginning of May and their photography season lasts until early June. The season is very short and busy! Most of the birds stop here for a rest before carrying on to their breeding grounds in the arctic, but some breed in the coastal meadows around Liminka Bay. Whether they are staying or continuing, all birds are filled with spring spirit and the lek is on!

Ruff hides

Our shore hides are located by a shallow pool in the Liminka Bay wetlands. This place is great for reflection images when the wind is calm – and works well both in the mornings and in the evenings. There is frontal or side lighting in the morning, frontal lighting during the day and beautiful backlighting in the evening.

We have two-person and single hides here and photography is through shooting openings from low or higher level. There are camera rails on the floor and on a small shelf about a meter high for camera attachment so it is possible to choose the shooting angle. Beautiful reflection images are possible from the higher angle and from the low level you are on the same level with the birds.

Other birds visiting this site include Black-tailed Godwit, Wood Sandpiper, Common Redshank, Spotted Redshank, Greenshank, Eurasian Curlew, Lapwing, Gulls and Ducks.

Recommended equipment for Ruff hides

Variable lenses can be used for Ruff photography in our hides and all focal lengths between 24 to 800 mm are usable. The distance to birds varies from just a few meters to 20 meters. If you can choose, take for example the combination of 70-200 mm and 500 mm lenses + possible converters with you. Take your own ball head with you as well. Attachment to the rails is with a standard 3/8” mounting screw (provided). Tripod is not needed in shore hides.

Ruff hides are located in the middle of Liminka Bay wetlands and the humidity here is high. Temperatures in early morning and late evening can be chilly. We recommend to dress warmly in layers for a Ruff session – take at least a hat, gloves, woolen sweater and woolen socks with. There are gel candles to provide some warmth in the shore hides and simple toilet buckets as well.

The path to the hides is often wet and muddy and therefore we recommend to use rubber boots for the short 200m walk from the parking area to the hides. Shoes must be taken off when entering the hides to keep the hides clean. You may take indoor slippers or woolen socks to use in the hide with you.

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