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Wolverines Finland


Capture wild Wolverines of Finland through your lens

Wolverine is a mystical being. It is an avid predator with nomadic lifestyle. Always on the move, you would think it is hard to photograph this solitary animal. But Finland offers superb opportunities for Wolverine photography – probably the best in the world!

Wolverine photography in Finland

Finland is probably the best place in the world to see and photograph wild Wolverines. At our selected site for Wolverine photography, Wolverines are baited in front of photography hides with food. Here, it is not uncommon to encounter several individuals during only one night. Of course, empty nights do occur every now and then as well. Wolverine photography takes place from afternoon until the next morning. Luckily our white summer nights are filled with light! Wolverines come and go and it is the photographer’s responsibility to not to miss action. We recommend at least two nights stay in the hides to maximize the chances for successful photography.

Wolverines do not hibernate and they can be seen and photographed throughout the year. In winter, however, the days are short and the animals move more actively during dark. We recommend to visit from spring to autumn when long days and light nights give chances for photography.

Finnature offers photography opportunities at the best sites in Finland. Please contact Finnature office about Wolverine photography opportunities in Finland!

Get inspired by Wolverine photography in Finland at our Flickr gallery!

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