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Golden Eagle Oulu, Finland

Birds of Prey

Photograph the most powerful of birds

Finland is home to many northern birds of prey and many of them can be photographed with Finnature. For instance, Golden Eagle, White-tailed Eagle, Goshawk and Osprey all visit Finnature’s and our our local partners’ carefully designed photography hides. And hides and prearrangements are certainly a must when photographing birds of prey! Birds of prey are very timid birds with excellent eyesight for any movement. Indeed, there is a reason we use the phrase “eagle eye”. Photography of birds of prey is extremely difficult without a hide. Even with one, the photographer must be well hidden when in hide and photography requires patience. But it is all worth it in the end!

The best way to attract birds of prey to photography range is to feed them in front of photography hides. By offering a natural bait, you have the best chances to capture wild behavior of the most handsome wild birds. Supplementary food also helps especially the young birds to survive over winter. Adult birds benefit from feeding as well: they will be in a better shape for the breeding season after long winter.

Finnature offers the best chances in Finland to photograph the most powerful of birds – birds of prey.

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle is a powerful and quite scarce bird of prey in Finland. This majestic bird can only be photographed with patience from a photography hide by a feeding site – and this is just what we have done at Finnature. We have set up a long-term Golden Eagle photography site in Utajärvi, near Oulu. In addition, we use our local partner’s beautiful place in Kuusamo. We have over a decade’s experience in feeding and photographing Golden Eagles. These sites accessed via us are simply the best in Finland, equipped with a new high-class hide (Utajärvi) and older basic level hides (both sites).

Finnature can help you to achieve the images of your dreams whether you are after images of Golden Eagles in action, in flight, on the ground or perched in trees – even Golden Eagles mating! We start to feed the Eagles in September and continue through the winter until March/April. Therefore, we offer photography possibilities for autumn, winter and spring Eagles. In addition, White-tailed Eagles visit both of our sites regularly during migration seasons. Many of Finnature’s scheduled photography tours visit Utajärvi and Kuusamo Eagle hides.

Check hide photos at our Flickr gallery for Golden Eagle photography hides.


Northern Goshawk is a fairly common yet quite timid bird of prey in Finland. It is a skilled hunter and flier that nests in older forests throughout the country. Because of Goshawks’ timid nature, they can only be photographed from a photography hide. Goshawks can be attracted to visit feeders in front of the hides by putting out baits for them – especially in winter.

Finnature has a forest feeder in Oulu area where Goshawks have been regular, almost daily visitors since 2015. We start to feed Goshawks in September and continue to April. Some of Finnature’s scheduled photography tours, such as the Autumn bird photo safari tour, visit this site.

Check hide photos at our Flickr gallery for Goshawk photography hides.


Osprey is a common bird of prey throughout the world. In fact, it is the second most widely distributed bird of prey species, after the Peregrine Falcon! In Finland, Ospreys can be found throughout the country during spring, summer and autumn. Ospreys migrate to the south for the winter.

There are several sites in Finland where it is possible to photograph fishing Ospreys from photography hides. We use the site in Kuusamo, and many of our scheduled photography tours include Osprey photography. This site is a wonderful place to catch the Osprey dive!

Osprey hides in Kuusamo are located at a local fish farm. Here, fish ponds provide easy source of food for Ospreys and there are usually several individuals around. The fish farm was established already in the late 1960’s and the Ospreys have gotten used to people working there. Therefore photography from hides here is flexible, and even changing hides is possible during the session. Also, the hides have wide windows for excellent visibility to the surroundings.

Check hide photos at our Flickr gallery for Osprey photography hides.

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