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Great Grey Owl Oulu, Finland

Bird Photography in Finland

Outstanding bird photography opportunities

Finland’s nature is full of birdlife and many of them make for marvelous photography targets. A photography hide is needed to photograph many of the species and timing is of the essence. We at Finnature have the best knowledge on when and where to photograph our beautiful birds. We always search for the best possible locations and hides for amazing photography.

Northern and eastern birds are waiting for their pictures to be taken

In winter, when it seems that everything in nature is quieting down, another dimension appears – the northern dimension. Birds have unbelievable survivor skills even in the harshest winter conditions. Finnature maintains some of the best photography hides in Finland and during winter months, some of the most handsome of Finland’s birds of prey – Golden Eagle, Eagle Owl and Goshawk – can be attracted to be photographed comfortably from warm hides. When photographing birds of prey, patience is needed. But the ultimate price is very much worth it in the end!

In spring, increasing daylight with snow still on the ground creates fine conditions for photography. The energetic lek of Black Grouse and the mystical lek of Capercaillie must be the highlights of spring. During the hectic spring, unique calls sound in both lekking arenas when the cocks measure each other in full posture. The front seat is offered from Finnature’s photography hides.

With spring advancing arrive the most photogenic birds – Ruffs. These little waders are so confident in their beauty and the males show off their multi-colored collars and ear tufts for any females to see. Finnature has set up excellent hides for Ruff photography!

Autumn colors create a different photography setting altogether for birds and wildlife in Finland. Beautiful colors of autumn in the background make images to stand out!

Not all birds require hide photography. Instead, many of Finland’s passerines are fearless and let photographers approach themselves freely. Owls and Woodpeckers, Dippers, Pine Grosbeaks and Siberian Jays are waiting for their pictures to be taken!

Get inspired about bird photography opportunities in Finland at our Flickr gallery for Year with Finnature!

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