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Wolf Finland


Get face to face with wild Wolves

Wild Wolf is an unforgettable sight. These efficient predators roam the vast undisturbed landscapes in Finland. Here, Wolves can be photographed from close distance from special photography hides! But patience is needed as Wolves have acute senses and will react to anything that is novel in their environment. We at Finnature work closely with the best wildlife photography sites in Finland and can recommend the most suitable sites for Wolf photography – according to your wishes.

Book a Wolf hide

Wolves are nocturnal animals and photography takes place overnight. In Finland, the nights are bright and daylight hours are long in summertime. Overnight hide sessions start with entry to the hide in the afternoon and last until the next morning. Early in spring or in autumn, the hide sessions can be day sessions as well when nights are dark and long. Our partner Wolf photography sites are located in Eastern Finland and can be easily visited on a self-drive basis.

We at Finnature do not own any of the wildlife photography hides but have worked closely with the best wildlife sites in Finland for years. We can recommend the best hides according to specific wishes. We always recommend at least two hide sessions to ensure the best possible photography opportunities. For booking, we need basic information about how many nights you want to book, and how many persons are coming. We know which sites work best in each season.

Prices for Wolf photography hides start from 200 € / person / night. Most wildlife sites in Finland have their own accommodation facilities and can provide meals as well. We will provide more detailed information about prices and services upon booking.

Book a Wolf photography hide from our office via email at info(@)finnature.fi or via phone at +358 45 129 4264. Full payment of the hide is required at the time of booking.

Wolf photography seasons

Wolves are active all year round but the best time for photography is from spring till autumn when there is plenty of daylight available. Wolves are attracted in front of photography hides with food.

During winter, Wolves move around mainly during dark. Snowy images from mid-winter require patience and time. However, Wolves in snowy conditions can be taken in March-April in spring when days are longer and Wolves move around more and more during daytime.

Summer is a wonderful time for Wolf photography with the green surroundings, the magical summer light and the bright nights. Wolf is a social animal and live in packs formed by family units. Wolves will also bring their new cubs to the wildlife sites, usually starting from late summer onwards.

In Autumn, the Wolves will have the thickest fur. Imagine a greatly furred Wolf in glowing autumn background! Autumn is a fantastic time to visit the hides.

Photography hides are located in different habitats such as bogs, forests and ponds to create interesting photo locations for different images. Patience is the key to success in Wolf photography!

Also Wolverine and Brown Bear visit the same sites regularly so there are good chances to encounter all three big predators of Finland during one visit!

Recommended equipment for Wolf photography hides

Distance to animals from hides varies and can be anything between 10 to 100 meters. In general, it is a good idea to bring a wide range of lenses to cover the different distances. Longer lenses from 300 mm upwards work nicely for Wolf photography and shorter lenses are better for wider views and compositions with animals in landscapes. It is good to have a wide aperture in your lens as some photography will take place during dusk and dawn in low-light conditions.

Please note that it is not possible to change lenses during the hide session. There are multiple shooting openings for each photographer in the hides. Tripod is not needed but bring your own camera head with you. Camera head is attached to a wooden plank with a standard 3/8” mounting screw (provided in the hide). Don’t forget to bring plenty of memory cards and batteries!

Hides have bunk beds for sleeping and you can bring your own sleeping bag or rent one on site. Gas heating is available usually in winter. There are dry toilets or simple bucket toilets in the photography hides.

Wolves are sensitive to sounds. While in the hides, don’t talk normally but whisper instead. Also, don’t bring snacks in rustling packaging but repack your snacks for example to suitable boxes.

Nights in Finland can be chilly even in midsummer. Take warm clothes and woolen socks with you and preferably wear dark clothing. Rubber boots are useful when entering the hides on bogs. It is also a good idea to bring binoculars for observing the surroundings!

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