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Photographer Riisitunturi, Finland

Landscape Photography in Finland

Discover the wild landscapes of Finland

Finland lies in the crossroads of the north and south, east and west. It is this location that gives a unique touch in our landscapes. A variety of landscapes in all seasons provides opportunities to capture remote, awe-inspiring and simply breathtaking northern nature portraits.

Autumn colors, Aurora Borealis and winter landscapes

Serene landscapes, special winter light and autumn colors generate a deep appreciation for nature in any photographer. And Finland has a lot to offer! There is still natural habitat at hand in Finland. Here, the northern landscapes and fascinating fauna make for exciting photography. A particularly versatile landscape photography site is Kuusamo in north-eastern Finland. Many of Finnature’s photography tours visit the snow-crowned forests in winter and misty valleys in autumn.

One of the main attractions in the north are the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. The amazement of the lights dancing across the night sky leaves anyone speechless and in awe. We at Finnature always seek for best locations for Aurora photography.

See the beauty yourself! Let the landscapes of Finland inspire you – check our Flickr gallery for Birds & Landscapes in Autumn.

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