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Wolf Finland


Photograph the wild Wolf

Wolf can be a challenging photo target: they are timid and have vast territories where they roam. We have partnered up with the best wildlife photography sites in Finland and know where to go for Wolf photography!

Wolf is a powerful predator

Wolf is built for travel and can cover wide distances within short periods of time. It has keen senses, large teeth and powerful jaws, and the ability to pursue prey at 60km/h speed. Indeed, this animal is an efficient hunter. Unlike other large carnivores of the north, Wolf is a social animal and prefers to live in packs formed by family units. Only young or deserted Wolves travel alone long distances in search of new territories.

In Finland, only under 200 Wolves roam the wilderness. The packs are concentrated in western and eastern Finland but lone individuals can be found throughout the country. Wolf has a long history of persecution in many countries worldwide and is probably one of the most misunderstood animals in the world. Unfortunately, Finland is no exception.

Despite this history, Wolves visit the wildlife photography sites in Finland fairly regularly. We at Finnature can help you to choose the best sites. Wolves have large territory sizes. Because of this, they are more elusive on these sites than Brown Bears or Wolverines, and patience is needed. Wolves may appear alone or in a pack, and spring to autumn is the best time to see and photograph them.

Please contact Finnature office for more information about Wolf photography in Finland!

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