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Brown Bear Finland

Wildlife Watching

Finland is a sanctuary for northern wildlife

Wonderful wildlife can be found within the vast mosaic of forests and wetlands of Finland. Indeed, here roam many of the rarely seen northern specialties. The borderlands of eastern Finland are home to some of the world’s greatest predators – the sought-after Brown Bear, Wolverine and Wolf. Yet, the undisturbed landscapes of Finland hide much more: our specialties include also the endemic Saimaa Ringed Seal, the rare Wild Forest Reindeer and the secretive Siberian Flying Squirrel. More common are the Eurasian Elk, Beaver and Red Squirrel. In Finland, seasons make wildlife watching interesting at all times.

Experience the best wildlife watching of Finland

Finnature arranges wildlife watching in the best sites of Finland. In short, we always partner up with the best wildlife watching and photography sites in Finland, and can recommend the most suitable sites for each client according to their wishes. We know when and where are the best chances for Finnish wildlife.

Comfortable watching hides at our partner watching sites are designed specifically for safe wildlife viewing. Brown Bears and Wolverines, with a chance for Wolves await for visitors. Here, wildlife watching takes place overnight. Retreat to a hide for the night and you have the best chances of spotting wild animals behaving naturally – sometimes just meters away from you!


Wildlife wishlist

Finland’s most wanted animals include Wolverine, Brown Bear and Wolf. At times, also Lynx and Red Fox can be seen from the wildlife hides for large carnivores.

In addition to the large carnivores, Finland is home to many other interesting animals. Together with reliable local partners, we arrange excursions for them too. For example, a boat drive in the heart of Lake-Finland might produce sightings of the endangered Saimaa Ringed Seal. This Seal is a specialty within the whole world – only five species or subspecies of Seals inhabit fresh waters like our very own Saimaa Ringed Seal! Moreover, only 400 individuals of this rare Seal exist in the whole world.

In Finland, nocturnal animals can be seen in their natural habitat from spring to autumn. During Finland’s white summer nights, it is exciting to watch Siberian Flying Squirrel and northern Bats. Eurasian Elks might be seen by the roadsides and the lucky ones might observe the special Wild Forest Reindeer of Finland!

Use local knowledge and let us help you to create a wildlife tour of your dreams!

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