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Northern Lights Kaamanen, Finland

Aurora Borealis

Beautiful photography takes place by night

Aurora Borealis are a spectacular, colorful display of lights on clear, dark nights – but they are not always visible. To witness and photograph Aurora Borealis might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many. We at Finnature always know where to go to photograph them with beautiful landscapes or reflections from water. Photograph the beautiful Northern Lights with our guidance!

A special phenomenon of the north

Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, is a special phenomenon of the north. The luminous glow in the sky is caused by solar wind pushing energy-charged particles to penetrate the atmosphere from above. The strength of the Northern Lights is directly dependent on the strength of the solar wind. In addition, the more north you go, the better chances you have for Aurora Borealis corona – meaning the Aurora will be dancing above your head.

Aurora Borealis can be seen and photographed in northern Finland and Northern Norway from late August to March when the nights are completely dark. During midnight sun in summer, the Aurora are not visible. Many factors add up to the success of an Aurora outing: weather, season, length of stay and location.

For Aurora Borealis photography, we at Finnature always seek for locations with zero or little light pollution with good backgrounds. In autumn, Aurora can be photographed with reflections from water! In winter, the pristine glow of Aurora over a snowy forest is a fascinating experience – it will simply leave you speechless. With Finnature’s guidance, you have the best chances for successful Aurora Borealis photography during your stay in Finland and Northern Norway. We always check for Aurora activity during our scheduled photography tours!

See more photos of the beautiful Northern Lights at our Flickr gallery for Aurora Borealis.

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