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Steller's Sea Eagle Hokkaido, Japan

Bird Photography Worldwide

World is full of great photo opportunities

Finnature offers quality photography tours and expeditions not only to Finland and Northern Norway, but also worldwide. We extend our experience from our home grounds to great destinations abroad and know what keen photographers demand and expect. Finnature owners Kaisa and Jari Peltomäki, both professional wildlife photographers and photo tour guides, always carefully select and test new destinations and bird photography opportunities worldwide themselves before inviting clients. This is the secret for Finnature’s successful and popular photography tours!


Highlights of our worldwide tours

During the years, we have visited numerous destinations worldwide with our clients, including Antarctica, South Africa and Svalbard. Some of these previous destinations might appear again in our tour calendar in the future, and some of our destinations are so popular that we keep on going back again and again!


Amazing Hokkaido, Japan

Wintery island of Hokkaido, Japan, is one of the most popular abroad destination for photographers. Finnature has arranged already more than 10 photography tours to Hokkaido, and Jari has been there photographing altogether 12 times!

Hokkaido offers great photography opportunities and this is why we keep returning there. Birds at Hokkaido are very approachable and they are surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Popular photography targets include numerous Steller’s Sea Eagles and the photogenic and elegant Red-crowned Cranes. Surprisingly, Whooper Swans make for excellent photography targets here as one can approach them to very close range! Imagine bird photography amongst the snowy mountains, misty lakes and packed ice – there is something for everyone’s taste. Also Sika Deer and Red Fox can be photogrpahed at Hokkaido.

Check for more photos from our previous tours to Hokkaido at our Flickr gallery for Amazing Hokkaido, Japan.


Snow Monkeys

Japan has a well-known secret – there are Monkeys that go bathing in hot springs! Japanese Macaques a.k.a Snow Monkeys are the only Monkeys in the world that can be found enjoying hot baths in the middle of mountains.

Finnature arranges an extension to Snow Monkeys of Jigokudani after the Amazing Hokkaido photography tour. During the extension, there are great opportunities to photograph this enigmatic species throughout the day including the first and last light even when the park is closed.

See more about Snow Monkeys at our Flickr Gallery for Bathing Snow Monkeys of Jigokudani.

Danube Delta in Romania

Danube Delta in Romania is a bird paradise and a wonderful photography destination in Europe. Jari lead tours to Danube Delta already in the 90´s and now we have returned. Once again, Finnature arranges tours to Ultima Frontiera in the heart of the mighty Danube Delta.

Ultima Frontiera is a private reserve and dedicated entirely to nature tourism. What makes it a versatile photo destination, are the numerous photography hides both on land and water, variety of photography targets and the four-star hotel within the reserve. Highlights of Danube Delta include Golden Jackals, White-tailed Eagles, European Rollers, European Bee-eaters, White- and Dalmatian Pelicans and plentiful Egrets and Herons.

See photos from our previous tours at our Flickr gallery for Danube Delta for Photographers.

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