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Wolf Finland

Wildlife Photography in Finland

Finland offers the best wildlife photography in Europe

Finland’s wonderful wildlife within the changing seasons makes for exceptional photography. Untouched forests, wetlands and lakes create a mosaic of habitats where wilderness is still at hand. Here, many of the rarely seen northern specialties roam free.

“My trip was wonderfull ! Everything happens perfectly, and I had the chance to see and photograph well all the animals I was targeting (Wolverine, Wolf and Bear) ! Thanks a lot for the planification !” Romain Béguelin, Switzerland

The greatest predators and the best sites

The borderlands of Eastern Finland are home to some of the world’s greatest predators – the sought-after Brown Bears, Wolverines and Wolves. But the undisturbed landscapes of Finland hide much more! Our specialties include also the endemic Saimaa Ringed Seal, the rare Wild Forest Reindeer and the secretive Siberian Flying Squirrel.

Finnature offers wildlife photography opportunities in the best sites in Finland. In our carefully selected sites, Brown Bears, Wolverines and even Wolves can be photographed comfortably from photography hides. To see is different than to photograph, and wildlife photography often requires more time than viewing. With patience, however, a photographer will be rewarded with natural behavior of the most attractive animals in the world!

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