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Wolf Finland

Wolf Watching in Finland

Wild Wolf is a stunning sight!

Wolf – a mysterious predator of the north. Wolf is rarely seen in nature but often wanted by nature travelers. In Finland, Wolf watching is possible from special hides. For Wolf watching, we have partnered up with the best wildlife sites in Finland!

A predator of the north

Adapted to travel and hunt, the Wolf is an efficient predator. It has long legs, large teeth and powerful jaws, and the ability to pursue prey at 60km/h speed. Excellent sense of sight and smell help the Wolf to catch its preferred prey – large animals such as the Eurasian Elk. Wolf moves with purpose and determination, and can travel long distances within short periods of time. Wolf is found all over the Northern Hemisphere.

Unlike other large carnivores of the north, Wolf lives in packs. Most often, the Wolf pack is a family unit. A pair of Wolves and their offspring form a tight family group that survives with co-operation with each other. In Finland, Wolf packs are usually formed by seven individuals.

Wolves are very social animals. They have a complex communication system with each other. Wolves communicate subtly with each other via howling, facial expressions, gestures, postures and scent marks.

Wolf in Finland

In Finland, Wolves inhabit western and eastern parts of the country. Only under 200 Wolves roam the wilderness here.

The Wolf was almost demolished from Europe in the 19th century. Persecution still persists, and Wolf indeed must be the most misunderstood animal in the world. The Wolf has recovered and adapted to the changing conditions even though they are still sadly being poached. Conservation of Wolf has improved.

Wolf watching in Finland

In Finland, it is possible to see wild Wolves at special wildlife watching sites. At these sites, predators are attracted in front of viewing hides with food. Comfortable viewing hides are excellent places to watch Wolves safely. While Brown Bears and Wolverines are regular visitors at these sites, Wolves come around more rarely. This is because Wolves avoid conflicts with other carnivores, but also because they have larger territories. We at Finnature can help you to choose the best sites for Wolf watching. The best time for Wolf watching is from spring to autumn.

Wolves are most active during dusk and at night. Therefore, Wolf watching starts with entry to the hide in the afternoon, and ends in the next morning. Imagine the spine-tingling howl in the white summer night of Finland. First, only the howl is heard, and then suddenly, the Wolf appears at the edge of your sight. What an experience is to see wild Wolves of the north!

Contact Finnature office for a quote if you are interested in Wolf watching!

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