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Snow covered trees Riisitunturi, Finland

Winter Landscapes

Magical snowy landscapes

Snow-crowned trees, blue moments, gentle sunlight and frosty landscapes – unique northern nature in mid-winter is a photographers dream. Moreover, wintery landscapes make for exceptional background for bird and wildlife photos!

Finland is a true winter wonderland

Finland’s wintery nature is a genuinely beautiful and versatile photography subject. All the iconic winter phenomena are here: the deeply blue moments, low and soft sunlight, heavy snow-loaded Spruce trees and frost everywhere. Rivers flow free of ice throughout the winter, and the special winter light and the silence are almost too overwhelming.

The best winter photography sites are located in northern Finland, and Kuusamo especially is a wonderful choice. Words cannot begin to describe the magical snow-crowned forests found here. They are created when air lifts along the wooded hillsides and the moisture condensates as snow on the tree branches. This is a unique sight for any visitor! Trees themselves are unbelievable survivors and can bear up to 3 tons of snow load. The load makes the trees to curl down and create the most imaginable forms. A walk in the snowy forests in moonlight under the starry skies, or with Aurora Borealis lightening the landscape is a memorable photography experience. This season starts already in December and continues until mid- or late February.

Winter landscapes create a particularly beautiful setting for bird photography. Frost on feathers, ice and beautiful backgrounds all offer interesting elements for bird photography!

See more fascinating photos of winter landscape photography opportunities at our Flickr gallery for Winter in Finland.

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